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Trust and fairness are my top priorities. With a background in insurance inspection, I understand the complexities of every case and work tirelessly to ensure fair outcomes for all my clients.

Your Insurance Company Hires Adjusters to work for them, shouldn't you Have one as well?


Insurance Claim Assessment

We provide thorough assessment of your insurance claim, ensuring that all damages are properly documented and accounted for.

Negotiation with Insurance Companies

"Expert Negotiation for Just Settlements – Leona Becht, Your Ally Against Insurance Companies. Our specialized knowledge in claim negotiation empowers us to champion fair settlements, ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. Trust in our advocacy to stand up for your interests during the insurance claim process."

Property Damage Evaluation

"Specialized Property Damage Evaluation – Leona Becht Ensures Your Compensation Reflects True Loss. Our focus on meticulous property damage assessment means you can trust that every detail is accounted for in pursuit of the accurate compensation you're entitled to. Partner with us for an evaluation that leaves no stone unturned and secures your financial recovery."

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Public Adjuster do?

As a Public Adjuster, I serve as an advocate for homeowners and business owners who have suffered damage to their property and need to file an insurance claim.

My role is to represent the policyholder's interests and work diligently to ensure they receive a fair and just settlement from their insurance company.

Here's what I do in more detail:

1. **Assessment**: My team and I conduct a thorough review and assessment of the property damage to ensure all losses are properly documented.

2. **Policy Analysis**: I meticulously analyze the insurance policy to understand the coverage details and identify all entitlements for the policyholder.

3. **Claim Preparation**: My team and I compile and submit the necessary documentation to the insurance company to support the claim, including estimates, inventories, and proof of loss statements.

4. **Negotiation**: We use expertise in negotiation to discuss the claim with the insurance company's adjuster, aiming to reach a settlement that fully compensates the policyholder for their losses.

5. **Resolution**: We strive to resolve the claim efficiently and expediently, reducing the stress and burden on the policyholder during a challenging time.

6. **Advocacy**: Throughout the process, I act as a steadfast advocate for the policyholder, We ensure their rights are protected and their voice is heard. In essence, as a Public Adjuster, we navigate the complexities of insurance claims on behalf of policyholders, so they can focus on rebuilding and recovering from their loss.

How can Leona help with my insurance claim?

As your dedicated Public Adjuster, I can assist you with your insurance claim in several key ways to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve:

1. **Comprehensive Claim Review**: My team and I will conduct an exhaustive assessment of your claim, meticulously documenting all damages and ensuring nothing is overlooked.

2. **Policy Interpretation**: My team and I will interpret the complexities of your insurance policy, clarifying coverage and maximizing the benefits you're entitled to.

3. **Expert Documentation**: I'll prepare and organize all necessary documentation, including detailed estimates and inventories, to substantiate your claim.

4. **Strategic Negotiation**: Leveraging my negotiation skills, My team and I will advocate on your behalf for a fair settlement with the insurance company, addressing any disputes that arise.

5. **Client Empowerment**: I'll keep you informed and empowered throughout the process, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

6. **Resolution and Recovery**: As your Public Adjuster, my mission is to streamline the claims process, advocating for a swift and fair resolution. Please be aware that while I aim to expedite your recovery, the process typically ranges from 1 to 4 months in most cases. Rest assured, I will be with you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the financial support necessary to rebuild and move forward from your loss."

"Remember, navigating the complexities of insurance claims can be daunting, but with the expertise and unwavering commitment of my team, you won't have to face it alone. We'll work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for your situation."

Why should I hire a Public Adjuster?

"Hiring a Public Adjuster like Leona Becht means securing a devoted advocate who is committed to maximizing your claim settlement and safeguarding your best interests. Experience this premium service at no out-of-pocket cost to you – not even your deductible. With Leona on your side, you can rest easy knowing that every aspect of your claim is being handled by an expert who is focused on your financial recovery."

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With a focus on trust and fairness, we are committed to advocating for our clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve. Our team has a solid background in insurance inspection, and we leverage our expertise to navigate the complexities of insurance claims and negotiations. You can trust us to be by your side every step of the way.